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Management in Healthcare Organizations Term Paper

Management in Healthcare Organizations - Term Paper Example Modern evidence through research shows that using lean clinic design has the potential of improving the general productivity of a building. Using the Clearview Cancer Center in Huntsville, Alabama as an example, there is enough evidence to suggest that the design has led to improvement in patient flow as well as a reduction in the amount of time that it took patients to journey from one point within the clinic to the other to receive care (McKee, Figueras and Chenet, 1998). In effect, the Clearview Cancer Center in Huntsville is a clear evidence of how lean clinic design has increased patient throughput and ensured longevity for patients. It is against this background that the current proposal is being presented for the board’s consideration of implementing clean clinic design as has been recommended by the architect of The Fallon Clinic in Massachusetts. Improvement in Patient Flow When patients visit the clinic, they are expected to move from one point of service to the othe r. This is because at The Fallon Clinic in Massachusetts, there is currently not a centralized patient serving process that permits patients to receive integrated service at only one point of call. Patient flow therefore involves movement for services such as admission, confirmation of insurance card, checking in to the consulting room, taking prescription to the pharmacy, visiting the laboratory among others. In an emergency situation such length of flow, if not minimized can be highly threatening to the health of patients (Healy and McKee, 1997). Meanwhile with a lean clinic design, the benefit will be towards the reduction of time spent to and from one point of service to the other. There are two major ways by which the lean clinic design is assured to bring about the improvement in patient flow. In the first place, the design will ensure that service centers are brought close to each other and that there are connected services being taken from the same premises or room. The seco nd form will be to ensure that there is visibility with service points, where patients will not have to use meandering routes to find their ways to service points. Access to care and efficiency Clearly, as easily as patients are able to reach service providers in a real cut down in time frame, the next benefit that will be expected will be improved access to care. Generally, access to care involves the reception of health care when it is most needed (Kaser, 2007). This means that when a patient approaches the clinic and is severe need of a particular health care service, any condition that denies the care at the very urgent time that the service is needed hinders access to care. A typical example of access to care can be cited with a pregnant woman who comes to the clinic and is in labor. At that time, access to care should ensure that she receives the services of midwives who will ensure that there is an immediate safe delivery for her. If this pregnant woman does not receive this form of care but its left alone to go through labor by herself, any form of care that will come will not constitute access to care at the time she entered the clinic. Meanwhile with a lean clinic design in place, the type of free flow of patients and accessibility that employees are going to get, there is enough evidence that care will reach patients when it is most n

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Historicist Analysis of Christopher Marlowes The Passionate Shepherd Essay

Historicist Analysis of Christopher Marlowes The Passionate Shepherd to His Love - Essay Example The poem or the song was written during the time when the art focused on the idea of idyllic country settings, where shepherds were love-sick and obsessed with their lovers. It was also the time when musical composers and artists praised the country settings and consider them their usual subject (â€Å"Christopher Marlowe†). However, although this is the realistic element in the poem, some lines in the poem are obviously a product of the shepherd’s rich and love-filled imagination. For example, in the line where he wants to give his lover â€Å"A gown made of the finest wool† (13) and slippers â€Å"With buckles of the purest gold† (16), the shepherd is obviously only imagining giving these very expensive presents to his lover. Nevertheless, although he cannot possibly afford it, he tells her about it as a proof of the greatness and sincerity of his love for her. Moreover, the phrases â€Å"finest wool† and â€Å"purest gold† may actually rep resent the purity of the shepherd’s intent and love for his lover. It would then be interesting to think that the Elizabethan era during the late 16th century and the early 17th century was actually a time when lovers were sincere about their proposals of love. According to information from the Norton Anthology of Poetry, the life of Christopher Marlowe was actually not the same as the bucolic peacefulness of â€Å"The Passionate Shepherd to His Love.† Despite the tranquil rural setting of the poem, Marlowe was a rather energetic spy and entrepreneur of his time. The modern-day market during the commercial revolution during his time was also far from the ideally simple life of the shepherd in his poem, for Marlowe desired fortune during his time. Moreover, there was also disease, crime and violence during his time in England – which are actually elements that are entirely in contrast with the calmness and tranquility of the mood in the poem. In fact, according to the Norton Anthology of Poetry, Marlowe was involved in a number of controversies and his life was reflective of the urban violence during his time. In 1589 he was involved in a brawl that brought him to hail. In 1591, he was accused of atheism and treason, which were heavy crimes during those times. On Ma 18, 1593, he was arrested for blasphemy although these were merely allegations, for which a trial began on May 20. However, in 1593, on May 30, at the age of 29, he was stabbed with a dagger but the motives were unconfirmed whether this was related to his arrest or if it was the killer’s personal vendetta against Marlowe’s atheism and epicurean lifestyle (â€Å"Biography†). During the time that Marlowe wrote â€Å"The Passionate Shepherd to His Love,† it was the year 1593, the pastoral genre of poetry gained popularity, although the poem was posthumously published in 1599. The shepherd poet became a regular symbol of romance, pastoral text and erotic love. Particularly, in Marlowe’s poem, there is simplicity of language pertaining particularly to the use of vernacular. It therefore shows charm and wit without pomposity or pretention. It is the reflection of courtly love without the trappings of metaphors as w ell as other elitist and artificial elements (Zlateva 126). In short, the poem shows utmost simplicity. However, such simplicity even reflects in the trip around the countryside of

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Housing Statistics Essay Example for Free

Housing Statistics Essay The regression line is also known as the best fit line for the given data. The data points may not form a straight line. The line that best fits or best describes the relationship of the given dependent and independent variables is the line that would have the minimum perpendicular distance from the given data points. This line is used to analyze the relationship of the different variables given. It can also be used to predict or estimate other data points. In this paper, the regression line of the given data will be computed using a given tool from a certain website. The data will be analyzed to help in the decision making of the owner of the construction business. With the information given above, there is no question that the number of housing starts increases as the interest rate goes down. With the predictions of financial experts that mortgage rates will continue to dip in the next coming years, the housing construction business should be prepared in the possible increase in demands. Being the owner of a housing construction business, effective project planning should be in place. The employees should be prepared with the possible increase in the demand of housing construction projects as the interest rates continue to go down. A plan should be in place covering how to approach the possible increase in demands. Risks and uncertainties should also be identified as early as possible and there should be a detailed work breakdown structure to get ready for the coming projects. The plan should also encompass all aspects of the construction business from the materials procurement, subcontractors to employees who will be working on the projects. It should also include plans for the next coming years as the trend will probably continue as forecasted by financial experts. The data given should be used to forecast demands as accurate as possible. Using the data in the forecast, accurate measures can be implemented in terms of working with subcontractors and where to source materials. Decisions to be made with regard to projects will depend a lot on the data being forecasted by experts. Reference Ramat-Gan. (2003, June 30). Interest Rate Plunge Will Continue. Lecture Notes. Waner, S. Costenoble, S. (1999). Simple Regression. Retrieved August 2, 2006 from http://people. hofstra. edu/faculty/Stefan_Waner/newgraph/regressionframes. html

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Sherman Alexie: What it means to be an Indian in America Essay

Sherman Alexie: What it means to be an Indian in America â€Å"Dr. Mather, if the Ghost Dance worked, there would be no exceptions. All you white people would disappear. All of you. If those dead Indians came back to life, they wouldn’t crawl into a sweathouse with you. They wouldn‘t smoke the pipe with you. They’d kill you. They’d gut you and eat your heart.† -Marie, Indian Killer, 314 The identity of the modern Native American is not found in simple language or description. Neither does a badge or collection of eagle feathers determine Native American identity. As Alexie demonstrates through the character of Dr. Mather and Wilson, pony-tails and store bought drums are mere materialistic symbols and stereotypes: they have no real value or respect for the history behind a person’s cultural heritage. Hanging out in Indian bars is insufficient. The identity of the Native American is formed in a context of opposition and resistance, of irreversible historical travesty, and of inescapable conflict. Given the complex and lengthy history of U.S. atrocities against the Indians, and the equally violent aggressions of Indians against whites, bloodshed and animosity were the basis original Indian- U.S. relations. The original brutality these relations cannot be underestimated; nor the intricate series of laws and Acts passed throughout the ninteeth and twentieth centur ies for the destruction of Indian culture and heritage. Yet, as Alexie argues, the forces of hatred cannot be exclusively emphasized in determining the identity of the Native American. Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie is a work of humor, an investigation of community identity and family love, as well as a discussion of race and hate. Marie’s speech to the hapless Dr. Mat... ...efers back to Marie’s hostile statement. Although not every Indian feels as Marie and Reggie do, certainly not John Smith in his dream, the ominous metaphor of the owls marks Alexie’s prediction for the future: unless hate can be reconciled, the spirit of murder and blood shed will continue to plague man kind. While the title of the work serves to encompass victims of both white and Indian cultural backgrounds and closes on the image of the ambiguous killer, (could it be Wilson dancing wildly with his store bought cassette tape? Or could it be Reggie living large in his bloody victories?), the content of the novel is a living account of human actions to historical contexts. Alexies’ work is exaggerated beyond reality, to be sure, yet his assessment of Native American identity is intriguing and universal in the story of recovery from human inflicted violence and hate.

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Nelson Mandela Character Analysis

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on July 18th, 1918 and recently died on December 5th 2013. He was born in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa (father) Nonqaphi Nosekeni (mother) were both Christians, therefore so was Mr Mandela. His father Gadla was the head chief in his community. The strengths his father would have needed were to speak up for his people, have courage, be caring, be supportive of his community, strong, powerful worker, a good communicator and well educated. His father had all them. As Nelson Mandela was growing up he would have looked up to his father alot. Most young boys while growing up would usually look up to their father as most see them as their role model and the most amazing person in the world. As his father was such an important person, young Mandela would have been inspired to be just like his father. As both his parents were a both Christians Nelson Mandela was sent to Methodist school that provided him with very good education as he was the son of the chief. Nelson Mandela’s father and childhood have affected his PIES alot.As he was the son of the chief Nelson would have had access to the best his people could have gotten at the time. Also, because his father was the chief, he had a good education; he went to school (both primary and secondary), a college and university. As he was growing up the bond between him and his father would have been really strong as he would have looked up to his father as a role model. When his father passed away when he was 11, along with being heartbroken, it would have made him more passionate about being more like the man his father was.This would have included him being more kind, speaking up for people, being more caring and supportive, become a better communicator and being educated. Finally as he was the chief’s son he would have been popular within the kids in his community. This would have also boosted his confidence in being around alot of people and also sp eaking to alot of people and getting his opinion heard.Secondary Socialisation Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela went to a primary school in Qunu where his teacher gave him the name Nelson, in accordance with the custom to give all students ‘Christian’ names. He then went to complete his junior certificate at Clarkebury boarding institute and went on to Healdtown, a Weslayan secondary  school of some repute, where matriculated.Nelson Mandela began his studies for a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University College of Fort Hare but did not complete the degree there as he was expelled for joining in a student protest. He completed his BA through the University of South Africa and went back to Fort Hare for his graduation in 1943. Nelson Mandela’s education influenced him to join the African National Congress as he was a lawyer and wanted equality. Sp he joined the A.F.C in hope to bring equality in Africa. South African GovernmentAs a result of Apartheid many people live s where changed in many ways including the following. The Group Areas act of 1950 controlled where people could live. The Black people were driven into small town quite far away from city centres; however their jobs were still in these cities and white suburbs. Bus fares were expensive and catching public transport everyday was expensive and caused hardship and depression for the black people. The Bantu education act meant the black students were disadvantaged with their education system in South Africa is now far worse than under apartheid.Overall, they were kept away from white people and had no rights at all and had worse facilities and weren’t allowed to use non-coloured facilities. Also they weren’t allowed to answer or fight back to verbal or physical abuse! So When Nelson’s attempts at a peaceful protest failed he went underground but continued to protest secretly and set fire to a government building. His trial was so long to keep him occupied rather tha n him organising more protests. Eventually, when Nelson was in prison he was forced to do hard labour in limestone quarries along with all the other inmates at the prison. Meanwhile Nelson’s supporters were still protesting. When they protested the government shot at them and as a result of the shootings 69 people died.Also, some of the leaders of countries were sentenced to prison or have had to be exiled. The South African Government have also influenced Nelson Mandela’s PIES. His physical health would have affected when he was put into prison for 27 years. In prison he was forced to do hard labour in limestone quarries, and wasn’t given the food he would have needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Also, in prison he would have had to go to the toilet in a small bucket in the corner of his very small cell. This would have also caused him to have some health problem.Going to  prison would have influenced his intellectual health as well. Beside going out of hi s cell to work, he would have also had alot of ‘alone time’ in which he would have thought about what he was fighting for, and what he may have been planning to do once, and if he ever was released. As he was in orison he would have been away from his wife and kids as he was serving his time in prison. He would have also been kept away from the other inmates, and probably had only seen them whilst working in the quarry.Nelson’s Supporters & Wife To show their anger about Mandela being kept in prison they burnt down government buildings, held more protests and complained all the time. When supporters protested in South Africa they got shot down, beaten and put in prison. Many people got involved in campaigning for Nelson’s freedom including his wife, the British Priminister, pop singers, leaders from around the world and many sports players. There were many methods used to campaign for Mandela’s freedom such as pop concerts, speeches, and not doing b usiness with South Africa. Having supporters who supported and cared for him whilst he was in prison would have helped him not to give up, and still have hope and keep strong.They would have also influenced him to still have faith in his dream for South Africa. His emotional health would have been influenced by his supporters as he would have been re-assured knowing that what he was going through is doing something, and it’s not all for no reason. The biggest influence on his physical health was parents (mainly the father). I think this because as he was the son of the chief he would have had greater access to medical needs and he would have had proper food. This was because the people in his community would have all looked up to him. His father had an important role in their community.The biggest influence on his intellectual health was his teachers starting from primary school going on all the way to university. This is because, they would have taught him most of everything he had learnt, and would have equipped his brain to work out problems, and what do to with the issues he came across in the most effective ways that are sure to end in the results he would have wanted. The biggest influence on his emotional health would have been his supporters as they would have helped him keep faith in what he wanted to achieve. Also the fact that they all looked up to him would have guided him to work harder for  his ‘fans’ and try his best to help the out.Another influence on his emotional health would have been the government. As they weren’t doing anything about the apartheid other than supporting it, they would have made Mandela feel angry, and upset therefore making him strive to change the way everything was to make it a better place. Also there was a poem called ‘Invictus’ that he said helped him to overcome his anger and still think positively even when he was in jail. He also said that, the poem helped him regain any h ope in himself that had been lost. The biggest influence on his social health would have again been the government. I think this because; being put into prison significantly influenced the time he got to spend with his friends and family, and who he was allowed to spend time with.Conclusion I’ve put the Primary and Secondary Socialisation agents in order of how much they influenced the person who Nelson Mandela became. 1. South African Government 2. His Supporters 3. School 4. ‘Invictus’ (the poem) This is the order I’ve put them. Firstly the government which allowed the apartheid to happen first made Nelson Mandela angry and allowed him to attempt to make a change. Also when he was put in prison as a result of all the protesting, being alone for most of the time in there gave him the opportunity to reflect on everything that has happened and gave him the chance to think of what he want to do in the future.Having an education helped Mandela as they provide d him with the ability to think about how issues can be resolved in many ways. They also provided Mandela with the basic knowledge needed for Mandela to become a lawyer, which then led onto him becoming part of the A.F.C. Finally, the poem helped him alot in his time in prison as it helped lift his spirit and when he felt down.

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Lord Of The Flies Freud Analysis - 884 Words

Freud’s Personality Theory in Lord of the Flies William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, showcases Sigmund Freud’s personality theory. This theory states that there are three major personalities that everyone can fit into. Three characters from Lord of the Flies: Jack, Ralph, and Piggy, fit into Freud’s personalities of id, ego, and superego respectively. The id is Freud’s definition of the irrational, animalistic part of the mind (Structure of Mind: Freuds Id, Ego, Superego). Jack, the lead choir boy from the group, is a cruel, selfish, and primitive boy-- the perfect example of an id personality. In Lord of the Flies, this boy executes multiple actions which prove that he truly has an id personality. For example, Jack stops his†¦show more content†¦People with ego personalities are rational and understand the need for compromise (Structure of Mind: Freuds Id, Ego, Superego). Ralph is the character in Lord of the Flies with this temperament. He exercises this characteristic, for example, by telling the group that they will be rescued (Golding, Ch. 3). All of the boys are scared of or worried about the unfamiliarity of the island, and Ralph is trying to comfort them and reassure them that everything will be okay. He also tries to create and maintain order throughout the group because he understands that, if they†™re going to live on the island, then they’ll need some sort of organization amongst them. Later in the book, when Jack’s tribe ransacks Ralph and Piggy’s makeshift hut and steals Piggy’s glasses, Ralph confronts him. He says that Jack should have just asked to borrow his glasses to start a fire and that stealing them was unnecessary because he would have been allowed to borrow them. Ralph is continuously trying to make Jack see the rational part of things throughout the story; he’s trying to convince him that there are other, better ways to do things. But Jack can’t see through his animalistic personality and pushes Ralph’s reasoning and insight aside, despite himself. Piggy, the most picked-on of the group of boys and the opposite of Jack, fits into the personality of superego. The superego personality consists of the moral, parental partShow MoreRelatedThe ID, Ego and Superego in Lord of the Flies1468 Words   |  6 Pages The exemplification of Freud’s id, superego, and ego: A look at Jack, Piggy, Simon and Ralph within The Lord of the Flies Freud primarily subscribed to the idea that there are two energies that drive human behavior. These two energies are sex – the pleasure principle and aggression. The human mind is comprised of the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious. Within the realms of the mind, the human personality is controlled by the id, the ego, and the superego. The id is drivenRead MoreComparing The Novel Lord Of The Flies And Heart Of Darkness2292 Words   |  10 PagesTopic: Comparing behavior of two main characters from two different books Introduction There are both similarities and differences between the protagonists of the Novels Lord of the Flies† (Golding) and â€Å"Heart of Darkness† (Conrad). In each case we have the supposedly civilized individual(s) degenerating into savagery. As well, other characters are involved and highly influenced by the protagonist(s). This report discusses these two books and what can be observed from comparing works of essentiallyRead MoreUnfulfilled Desire Of Widow : A Psychoanalytic Reading Of Seto Dharti Essay2743 Words   |  11 PagesDevghat for lifelong settlement. Tara, from her childhood, has her ideal figure, Govinda, in her mind. Each and every moment, she is memorized by the image of Govinda unconsciously. She sees the image of Govinda in different characters like young sage, lord Krishna, Sanyasi, and other handsome men on the way. Different questions can be posed in the novel: 1 what is the desire of the widow, Tara? 2 how is her desire reflected in the novel? 3 why does Tara repeatedly wish to wear colorful dress especiallyRead MoreAnalysis the Use of Stream of Consciousness in Mrs Dalloway8784 Words   |  36 PagesAnalysis the use of stream of consciousness in Mrs Dalloway BY Qian Jiajia Prof. Zhang Li, Tutor A Thesis Submitted to Department of English Language and Literature in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree of B.A in English At Hebei Normal University May 8th , 2009 Abstract As one of the representative writers of novels of stream of consciousness, Virginia Woolf has made important contributions to the development of the technique of stream of consciousnessRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesLine 58 Understanding and Appreciating Individual Differences Important Areas of Self-Awareness 61 Emotional Intelligence 62 Values 65 Ethical Decision Making and Values 72 Cognitive Style 74 Attitudes Toward Change 76 Core Self-Evaluation 79 SKILL ANALYSIS 84 Cases Involving Self-Awareness 84 Communist Prison Camp 84 Computerized Exam 85 Decision Dilemmas 86 SKILL PRACTICE 89 Exercises for Improving Self-Awareness Through Self-Disclosure 89 Through the Looking Glass 89 Diagnosing Managerial Characteristics

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Freedom Writers Movie Review Essay - 707 Words

Christy Hulett Mrs. Anderson Sophomore Writing 22 March 2013 Replacing Buses with Notebooks: Freedom Writers worth Admission Price At first glance, Freedom Writers seems like an overdone clichà © and knowing that it was produced by MTV does not help. The film is about kind-hearted, strong-willed teacher who signs up to teach a class of hardened gang members, drug dealers, and the like. After watching Freedom Writers you realize that it was worth the $6 admission. The positive, uplifting messages and struggles of each unique character can teach us all a lesson. Based on a true story, Freedom Writers stars Hillary Swank as Ms. Gruwell, a white teacher who accepts a teaching job at Woodrow†¦show more content†¦Because of this she hates everyone. No one was consistent in her life. Even her father, who she admired, abandoned her when he went to jail. Every student in the class was facing a war of their own and learned not to trust anyone around them. This made it believably difficult for them to open up to Ms. G. As th e movie unfolds, we see many struggles and instants of courage. There are bleak moments and proud ones and the journey is emotional to say the least. Definitely watch this movie if you have two hours to kill. Scratch that. Even if you don’t have two hours make time to go see â€Å"Freedom Writers.† None of the actors are going to win Oscars, but at least they made the characters memorable. We will forever remember Andre, the homeless teenager whose face is full of vulnerability and passion, and Mario the angry drug dealer. There will be moments of borderline cheesiness, but you aren’t watching the movie for the acting. You sit down in that creaky movie theater chair to be entertained with stories of heartbreak and war and loss. You’re there to be inspired; to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The powerful first-person narratives are sure to inspire through subtle and some not so subtle messages. Each character has a unique story that they bring to the table (err, screen). â€Å"Freedom Writers† will be a must-see in no time. Watching Ms. Gruwell’s relentlessShow MoreRelatedMovie Review : The Movie Freedom Writers 917 Words   |  4 Pagesevery good movie has at least one theme or message to relay. These can be positive or negative, meaningful or inconsequential. A movie with a powerful message is Freedom Writers. It focuses on the difficulties of a young Los Angeles school teacher. Ms. Gruwell is faced with the unfeasible task of bringing a racially diverse class together. In spite of adversity and bad attitudes, she heals wounds between cultures and teaches her kids how to be successful students and citizens. The movie Freedom WritersRead MoreFreedom Writers Critique1679 Words   |  7 PagesThe Freedom Writers   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Freedom Writers was released in 2007 on January 7. It was based on the book the Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell, who wrote the story based on a school name Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in Eastside Long Beach, California. This film tells a story about Erin Gruwell, who is a young teacher who just started her job as a freshman and sophomore English teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School. She is soon challenged by a group of Black, Latino and Asian gang membersRead MoreFreedom Writers : Film Review1085 Words   |  5 PagesFreedom Writers Film Review But even an ordinary secretary Or a housewife or a teenager Can, within their own small ways, Turn on a small light in a dark room. - Miep Gies Just like how Erin Gruwell (Hilary Swank) turned the lights on, in the dark room of 203. Freedom Writers is a film inspired by students of Woodrow Wilson High School as they experience the aftermath of LA riots. Los Angeles resembles a war zone back in the 1992. During this time in America, it all comes down to what a person lookRead MoreProstitution: A Modern Form of Slavery694 Words   |  3 Pagesrefuge. Literature Review/Background The stories and movies used in this paper are chosen among contemporary works. The short story â€Å"Business Philosophy† by Marina Lewycka was published in 2009 in a book called â€Å"Freedom: Short Stories Celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights† and concentrates on sex trafficking from the point of view of a brothel owner who is telling the story of one of the girls who tries to escape to a Women’s Refugee. There’s one movie in particular that thisRead MoreCensorship in the Media Essay1084 Words   |  5 PagesThe parameters of the term censorship have been changed and manipulated very much over the years. Television and movie ratings have become more lenient against violence and indiscretion because these things are now seen as entertainment. Is this appropriate for our youth? Should children be exposed to these images so early on? How does censorship in the media affect adolescents? Children are the future of our society and need to have some understanding of real world occurrences. UltimatelyRead MoreThe Kingdom of Heaven1657 Words   |  7 PagesThe Kingdom of Heaven The plot of this movie can be very well defined as a romantic quest for what is right and just in the world at that time. The film starts off in the early 12th century with a blacksmith called Balian of Ibelin (who is actually an artificier, or military engineer) that has just lost his wife to suicide and is given the chance to go to the Holy Land to seek forgiveness for her sin by his long lost father Godfrey of Ibelin. This becomes his secondary goal upon arriving in JerusalemRead MoreEssay about Toni Morrison and bell hooks1033 Words   |  5 Pagesissues in the world. Toni Morrison tells a story about a wise, old, blind woman, that is teaching two young people a lesson in life how language effects the actions that others take. Some of the actions are violent and some are not. bell hooks reviews the movie Crooklyn, relating it to racism. She also ties in racism that is shown in movies today. There is a connection between Toni Morrison and bell hooks because they both are very clear on the choice of life and discrimination and that it is inRead MoreIs the Movie Twelve Years a Slave a Good Movie of Its Genre? Essay1273 Words   |  6 Pagesshows fantasy, comedy, action, sport and many other genres that exhibit the needs of human entertainment. Some of these movies are only created and adapted by pure imagination of the film and script writers, while other movies are based on true stories with some adaptation by the script and/or film writer on the events happening in the film story, yet they are considered and said to be based on true stories. All the same, movies that are considered to be in the same category can be identified becauseRead MoreThe Black, Liberal, Racist Of America, By Jordan Peele1650 Words   |  7 PagesOn February 24,2017, director and writer, Jordan Peele, released the movie that would unknowingly liberate African Americans, while revealing the white, liberal, racist of America. Get Out is centered around Chris, an African Ameri can male, played by Daniel Kaluuya, who has reached the peak of his relationship with his white girlfriend, Rose, played by Allison Williams. When Chris is invited to meet Rose’s â€Å"liberal† family, he is consciously trapped into the â€Å"sunken place† by hypnosis so that hisRead MoreEssay on Electronic Writing Will Not Make Books Obsolete1679 Words   |  7 Pagesbecoming increasingly obsolete. The amount and variety of information available on the internet have made reading electronic text not only an option, but in some areas, a necessity. Electronic writing has changed the modern perception of who is a writer is by offering a wider range of places for authors to publish their work and opinions. Computers and the internet have become too mainstream to ignore. Electronic writing may never completely replace printed text, but its use is becoming increasingly